HJSplit 3.0

HJSplit is a popular freeware program to split and recombine files
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HJSplit is freeware software that allows to split files of any type in any size, this is the standard version created by the author. It will support many platforms with the compatibility advantage allowing the exchange of files between platforms. Comparing this one between the other options of the software this is the most stable. It is very reliable, small, simple and easy to use. It doesn’t require any installation or DLLs, it is just a small “.exe” file that can be run from write-protected disk, floppies and others.

The main use of the software is center in the backup of files, it will provide us the options to split larger files to save them in disks, in case you have a file of 7 GB you can split it 2 or 10, depending if you use a DVD or a CD media.

It is very different from the Pro beta version and the others; it will provide you complete options and info, is very stable and with a great performance. It’s supported from Windows 3.X until Windows Vista (excluding Windows 2003 server) and Linux.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Freeware
  • Easy To Use
  • No installation require, just download and launch the .exe
  • Multiple options of the software from the author
  • Great Performance


  • The author lets the support of this software in multiple applications not in just one, for linux you require a version, for windows other
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